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Essay Birdy Wings

"Wings" is a song by English musician Birdy. The song was released as a digital download on 29 July 2013 and in the United Kingdom on 8 September 2013 as the lead single from her second studio album, Fire Within (2013). A remix by Nu:Logic was later released on 27 January 2014 as part of the "Hospital: We Are 18" LP from Hospital Records.[1] The song peaked at number 8 on the UK Singles Charts, making it her highest charting single to-date and her only top 10 single.[2]

Music video[edit]

A music video to accompany the release of "Wings" was first released onto YouTube on 2 August 2013 at a total length of four minutes and twenty-five seconds.[3] The video shows Birdy with guests at a flamboyant mansion party, complete with masks, fencing and horses.[4] It was directed by Sophie Muller.[5]

In popular culture[edit]

The song was featured in trailers for Winter's Tale, Labor Day, the season three finale of Game of Thrones, the season five finale of The Vampire Diaries and one episode of Catfish: The TV Show. In 2015, it was also used as the soundtrack of the LloydsHorse Story 250 year anniversary advert, resulting in its return to the UK Singles Chart, reaching a new peak of number 8. Birdy performed the song at the 2016 BBC Festival of Remembrance.

Track listing[edit]

1."Wings (radio edit)"3:49
2."People Help The People (Live From Sydney Opera House, April 2013)"4:27

Charts and certifications[edit]

Release history[edit]

New Zealand29 July 2013[26]Digital downloadWarner Music Group
United Kingdom15 September 2013[27]


The Loons Essay

783 WordsJan 24th, 20124 Pages

The Loons
Margaret Laurence’s “The Loons”, is a story about an Indian girl who tries to overcome obstacles in her life and discover a place of belonging, but in the end, dies at an early age. She grows up in an environment where she is not happy, and despite her efforts to leave, ends up back in her hometown, which leads to her death. The theme of this story is that everyone is a product of their environment, which is illustrated by Vanessa and Piquette’s lives and the loons on the lake. Vanessa MacLeod was raised by a supportive family and friends in a positive environment. She had a wealthy family who were interested in her happiness, her behavior and how she dressed. Her parents cared for her and allowed her to do amusing things as…show more content…

She had to be absent from school for treatment and rest, which gave her no desire to go to school and she was unable to develop proper social skills. When Piquette finally moved away from her hometown, she was unable to find a place of belonging and settled for a man who didn’t treat her well and left her with two children. She lost desire to live and died in an accident that could have been prevented. Her negative upbringing caused her to live a miserable life which led to her death. The loons that lived on Diamond Lake were used by Laurence to represent Piquette, how her environment affected her life and her desire to live. The loons’ environment was invaded by people who didn’t care for them, in result they couldn’t adapt to this change. It is similar to Piquette being unable to adapt to her husband leaving, but contrasts to Vanessa being able to deal with her father’s death. When humans invaded and changed the loons’ environment, it made them unhappy with their home and surroundings. Vanessa describes the loons’ absence as, “Perhaps they had gone away to some far place of belonging. Perhaps they had been unable to find such a place, and had simply died out, having ceased to care any longer whether they lived or not” (p.256). You can see the resemblance between the loons and Piquette, each being affected negatively by their environment. The changes in the loons’

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