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Itera Research Paper

The Interdisciplinary Telecom Program (ITP) provides a unique institutional research environment that focuses on the application of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies applied to interdisciplinary problems in telecommunications of national and global scale. We seek to unlock substantial innovation by integrating students and faculty from different disciplines to conduct research on pressing technology, economic and policy issues in the telecom, information and communications technology areas. 

General research categories:

  1. Networking Technologies
  2. Telecom Policy
  3. Network Security
  4. Wireless Networking

PhD students in ITP learn the necessary skills to conduct research with a focused study plan on their technical area of interest, often mirroring one of the established areas of research in the program such as broadband networking, wireless, policy, and security.  Much of the hands-on research developed or evaluated for new technologies occurs in the ITP Telecom Lab which serves as a world class lab for ITP graduate research projects. In addition, ITP provides financial support for students seeking a PhD based degree. 

PhD and MS research topics in ITP:

On April 9, 2017, ITP PhD graduate, Adnan Mian (first author) and ITP Faculty Director, Dr. David Reed wrote a paper for the 15th Annual ITERA Conference and received the Katherine B. Snow Research Paper award in Nashville, TN. The paper title is LTE Backhaul Modeling: Comparative Analysis of LTE Backhaul Cost Using Different Local Access Networks. ITERA (Information and Telecommunications Education and Research Association) endeavors to advance telecommunications science through the creation of a forum for telecommunications and networking professionals, educators, and researchers. This forum will encourage and support the creation and maintenance of telecommunications interest groups, conferences, proceedings, and journals.

Congratulations Adnan!

For more information about ITERA, please visit http://www.itera.org/.

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