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Is School The Best Preparation For Your Working Life Essay

  • School does prepare you for the future.

    School prepares you for the future because it teaches you how to become an everyday worker. Think of it this way, your boss doesn't want you slacking and not doing your work in a everyday environment. Well thats what school is an everyday environment where you complete assignments and whether you do them is up to you or not. However in a common work place if you don't do your work you end up fired, or in an almost same way you fail the class. Which if you think about it is almost like failing your job.

  • Dont complain, guys

    The very fact you guys are ranting about school like a bunch of preschoolers is proof enough the schools don't teach you enough. Ranting about a system that's been in place for nearly 150 years won't change it, so deal with it. BTW, you've dealt with it your whole lives

  • Read this.... It'll change you forever

    I recently was on the no side until i realized... It isn't about the knowledge, its about the effort. When other jobs look at how well you did in school, they let you in. You can make it into your dream with school.
    Rich=frik yes mayn im frinykin rich

  • High school prepares you for the real world

    If you think it doesn't help you be ready than you are either retarded or did not pay attention to anything while you were there and had your thumb up your ass. I mean c'mon man high school is 4 years though I'm sure that you dropped out the first day

  • Is school really that important, would it really affect someone to drop out?

    No it wouldn't if you think about it. We all learn the basic math, reading, and writing skills we need from kindergarten to third grade. After that nothing isn't that important. Area of shapes is useless. Algebra is useless. Almost everything in science is pretty much useless. When will we learn the things we really need to know? What about survival? Or manners, or getting a job, or even social skills. This is what really matters.

  • There are a bunch of babys

    People just dont like school so they vote no just grow up. We will need it for our jobs. The person who was just naming the stuff that the school dosent help us with well those are your own problem. The school helps us with our jobs and eveyone needs to grow up.

  • School CAN prepare you for adult life, but there is no guarantee; you must take school, like life, into your own hands.

    One point brought up by anti-schooling proponents is the lack of direct correlation between school and "reality," i.e. life without a teacher directing what is mandated. A common thread here seems to say school neglects financial knowledge; that can be rectified. The true problem with schools is often how they're taught. STEM courses can be incredibly creative classes, but they're often taught as memorize-able classes where discovery is unimportant. The point of schools is to help you help yourself. While poor teachers and classes can hinder learning, one of the most important things I've learned from school is how to take things for myself. If a teacher is bad, I teach myself. It's not about money; I can make money. Before someone points out that the dropouts ran our computer renaissance, I would point out that schools should help us help ourselves, including when to drop the regimen of standard paths and start on our own. (I have a hard time acknowledging an argument that says schools are useless when the authors could't even compel themselves to spell check and add superfluous capital letters. We have English classes to learn about the art of Rhetoric and persuasion; you're a lot more credible if you sound well-educated and intelligent. For the middle schoolers here, give high school a chance. If the curriculum doesn't work for you, take matters into your own hands.) life isn't about waiting for someone to teach you.)

  • Yes. School prepares students far beyond the curriculum.

    School teaches students important skills, many of which can become character traits, such as....
    ...Routine. Students have to wake up at a certain time, get dressed, eat breakfast, maybe pack a lunch, and leave at a certain time. At school, the bell rings signifying specified time periods for specified classes. In the real world, work is much like a routine, and raising children requires routine as well.
    ...Time Management. If students do not manage their time well during study halls or after school--especially students who are involved in extracurricular activities--their grades will suffer.
    ...Social Lessons. In school, students have the opportunity to master a variety of necessary skills from working with others, to making friends, to being a good friend, to interacting with people who are very different, to resolving conflicts, to sharing and putting others first.
    ...Respect for Authority. School teaches students to respect authority. Even when students don't particularly like a teacher, tough luck. They're stuck with him/her so they better hunker down and accept the fact. You don't get to choose your boss, manager, or supervisor when you get a job. You make the best of it and learn how to respect and work under him/her.
    ...Endurance and perseverance. School teaches students about endurance and perseverance. Many times, students feel like they're just pushing through, holding on, trying to survive, barely making it... But life is a lot like that oftentimes. In life you will feel the stress even more as your finances, job, family, and security may hang in the balance.
    ....Working under deadlines and stress. Everything we do in North American life has deadlines attached to it. We are what is termed a crisis-oriented culture. School and work start a defined time. Businesses open and close at defined times. There are deadlines to get your car inspected and registered, to sign up for healthcare, to apply for jobs, to go to meetings, to get certain job-related projects done, etc.
    ...Prioritization. All this requires the skill of being able to prioritize one's time. This is the only way to get done what needs to get done.
    ...Hard Work. School teaches students that hard work pays off...Usually. The payment in school is in grades that let you advance to the next level and eventually graduate....
    ...But sometimes school teaches that hard work doesn't always pay off as much as you'd like (when you spent hours studying for that test and studied all the wrong stuff). But you still press on and continue to work hard.
    ...School teaches how to adapt to different "management styles" as students learn each teacher and figure out his/her routines, buttons, expectations.
    ...I'm sure the list could go on...

  • Make you have a self confidence

    School really teach me how to be a brave guy. I means my self confidence. Before this, I've no self confidence and always shy to talk in front of the people. But, right now I dont afraid and shy to talk in front of people. If you say school not help to prepare for adult life, I think maybe you just thinking to get a money and become a rich person with any efforts. This is not a video game but this is our life.So, think properly

  • School Helps Prepare you.

    No, you probably won't use calculus later in your life, but school teaches you more than just subjects. School helps you learn relationship skills, teaches you how to respect authority, helps you create relationship, learn basic skills like reading, writing, and basic math. School teaches you history which is important because if you ignore history, it will repeat itself.

  • everybody has their own obligations, for example, children have to go to the school to acquire knowledge. also, without education people cant find job and earn money. however, does school prepare young people for life in the real world?

    on the one hand, school teaches us how to read, write, calculate and other important things. in school we are learning language that we could communicate in other countries. furthermore, subjects at school, such as, history, geography, literature and social studies, only raise our knowledge.

    on the other hand, in life is more important things than money and work, for example, love, relationships, health and friendship, these things we have to learn by ourselfs. schools don't teach us how to stand up for yourself or how to love people. moreover, each people has their own proffesion and every proffesion has their own obligations, most of all, people don't need to know all 15 subjects to get job.

    to sum up, schools don't prepare young people for life in the real world. in my opinion,there is a lot of things we have to learn by ourselfs. also, in every proffesion is special things you need to know and these things you can learn by practising. school only teaches elementary things and increases our knowledge.

    I like this sentence a lot:
    schools don't teach us how to stand up for yourself or how to love people.

    However, a little change should be made:
    Schools don't teach us how to stand up for ourselves or how to love people.

    Why do you not capitalize the first word of every sentence? Capitalize them!!

    Okay, besides capitalization, I want to mention that I disagree a little. In school, we do learn to stand up for ourselves, and we do learn about relationships. So... maybe you just went to a bad school! :-) I hope the next school you attend will be excellent! At the end of your essay, you can make some suggestions about how to improve school.

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