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Essay On Mobile Phone Disadvantages

Have you ever thought about advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones for students? I don’t think so, because we do not have time to think about pros and cons of mobile phones in this technology world. But, I am sure this post will make you think about to buy a mobile phone for your children.

Each and every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. For students, the mobile phone is one of them. Buying a mobile phone for your children is easy, but think twice before you buy them.

In the current world, mobile phones are really essential for everyone’s life. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live a life without a mobile phone.

When we talk about school students, there are advantages and disadvantages having a mobile phone. It is all up to the student who uses the mobile phone. Students can improve themselves with the help of mobile phone, or they can spoil their life with the same mobile phone. It all depends on how they use mobile phones.

So, in this post, I am going to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones for students.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones For Students

Advantages Of Mobile Phones For Students

1 – Very useful in emergency situations
It is very clear to all that mobile phones came to this world for emergency purposes. If students have a mobile phone, it is easy to contact anyone when they need. For instance, if students have a problem in school or in the street after school, they can contact their parents immediately. Likewise, students with a phone can contact police at any harmful situation, or contact fire brigade if they find fire somewhere, or even they can call any department when they need to. So, the mobile phone is one of the best solutions for any emergency situation.
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2 – Great equipment in order to improve knowledge

Could you realize how our parents or grandparents studied? They studied and got knowledge only from the parents, teachers, and books. Imagine how things changed now. Of course, we get knowledge from parents, teachers, and books, but with the help of the internet, we can learn much more. Students who get good grades in exams get extra knowledge from the internet. In the early days, the library helped the students to gain extra knowledge and now the whole library is in the student’s pocket as a mobile phone. You can clear any doubt you have and get a great explanation with the help of mobile phones. Through your Smartphone you can open Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia which are three informative giants, helping students in many ways. So students, if you have a mobile phone get more good material and avoid getting into unwanted stuff.

3 – Doubts cleared as soon as you got one

Think about yourself. What are you going to do when you get some doubts on the subject? In the 1950s or 1960s, students wait until the next day to meet a teacher or a friend. But now students can right away make a call to a friend or a teacher and clear their doubts as soon as possible. If you missed one important lecture you can phone a friend and get to know about the whole lecture. If you have any doubt on that lecture or need further explanation, you can call the lecturer or even you can Google it. How good is this life? We are living in this era with perfect technology – Thanks to God.

4 – Get to know what happens around the world

When we look back to early days, only aged people follow the news around the world. But nowadays the trend changed and even school students know what is happening around the world. How this change took place is nothing other than mobile phones and the internet. On 21st of March 2015, Google slightly changed their policy on all websites, which says, all websites and blogs must have a user-friendly design with all mobile devices. Do you know why they changed this policy? Nowadays more searches come from mobile devices compared to PCs and laptops. This simply indicates that students spend their more time on mobile phones rather than PCs or Laptops for searching news and other useful material and get to know what happens around the world.

5 – Adviser/Guider/Instructor/Teacher/Director

A student having a mobile phone means that the student has everything. Early morning it works as an alarm clock. Also, it works as a reminder if you put some notes on the reminder. You don’t need a calculator as long as you have a mobile phone. You can take a snapshot or download lecture slides. Or you can even record all the lectures. Any doubt you can Google it. You can manage your household accounts with the help of money management apps. You don’t need an extra camera or video recorder as long as you have a Smartphone with you. You can use the mobile phones as your personal diary. For any video explanation, you can use the YouTube. This is how students can use their mobile phones for various purposes.
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Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones For Students

1 – Playing games most of the time

Student’s age is a kind of playing age. Even though they concentrate on their studies their mind goes to play stations, Xbox, Wii, Computers and Mobile phones. Nowadays I saw lots of students who are distracted by mobile phones. I think they love it because they can download so many games. So, what will happen to the students who have their own mobile phone? Simply they will try to play games. They are children, so they have to play games as we did in our childhood. But everything has some limit. If a student is playing games all the time then it is better to take the phone away from them. Their studies and other useful activities are destroyed by the mobile phones. But if they play games once in a while, then it’s totally fine.

2 – Involvement in unwanted things
In today’s world, mobile phones may change student’s habits. Through mobile phones, you can search lots of bad stuff. Nowadays almost all the students are addicted to porn videos and some other porn activity websites. In the 21st century, the sexual activities and violent acts are considerably growing day by day. That is really bad. This is why we can see lots of students with cigarettes and drugs. This is one of the major flaws with the rise of technology. I met lots of parents who got disappointed with their children’s behavior. So I advise the parents, please don’t allow your children to use mobile phones if you find something harmful.
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3 – Sleepless nights and fatigue

When students are playing games on mobile phones, they don’t feel the time passing because they concentrate fully on the game. Most of the students choose night time for playing games so that no one will disturb them. So they play till 2 or 3 in the early morning unless parents come and shout at them to sleep. Some students choose the sleeping time for chatting with friends. Chatting also makes them go to bed very late. Do you know what happens if they sleep late? Next day they get tired and find it hard to concentrate on their subjects. So, students must sleep as soon as they finish their homework and dinner so that they would start the next day fresh and confident.

4 – Disturb other students
Mobile phones can disturb other students in two ways. One is when there is an important lecture going on and if your mobile phone rings during that time, it will disturb the whole class. Most of the students put their mobile phones in silent mode, but some students don’t care about it. So the ringing tone completely disturbs others and the lecturer. Another one, some students want to have a mobile phone, but their parents don’t allow them to have one. Such students get frustrated when they see another student having a mobile phone.
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5 – Reduced time with family

This is another major disadvantage of having a mobile phone by a student. Before these phones and technology, students spent plenty of time with their family. Now students spend their free time with the mobile phone, either playing games or chatting with friends via mobile phones. They have no idea about how much family is important in their life. Spending time with the family is one of the most important things for everyone and we can learn more good stuff when we freely talk with our family. So parents, at least, bring your kids together at dinner time and have your meals together on one table. A family chain is very important and tries to make them understand that.

6 – Road Accidents
Senior students who drive to school, college or university have to consider this seriously. Total concentration is required when it comes to driving, but using a mobile phone surely affects your 100% attention on driving. Talking over the phone, typing a text, selecting the music, and finding places on the phone map while driving not only harm yourself but also harm other road users. Unlike other matured drivers, students use their mobile phone the most while driving. Most of the countries banned using mobile phones while driving, but there are students who hide and use the mobile phone while driving. Of course, they can escape from police, but can’t escape from the road accidents. Try to avoid using mobile phones while driving or at least use the hands-free device for talking with others over the phone. The best idea is to stop the vehicle on the roadside carefully and use your mobile phone. After you have done you can restart your journey. This simple habit can save not only you but also other road users from major accidents.

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These are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones for students. Hopefully, this will help you to think again before buying a mobile phone for your school kid. You may have some better ideas about advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile phone by a student. If you have such ideas, just drop that in the comment box below. You can also share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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Mobile phones these days have become an inseparable part of our lives. They bring about a high degree of convenience and comfort to us. But the disadvantages of mobile phones should also be given some thought before declaring what a complete boon they are. They have negative impacts on a variety of fronts. Among the various disadvantages of mobile phones, we shall be specially examining the social, economic and health angles. Although they influence our lives greatly, the disadvantages of mobile phones are no longer insignificant to the extent that we can ignore them. For instance, there is even a unique phobia attached to being out of mobile phone contact – nomophobia!  Some of the major disadvantages are listed as follows.

Health Hazard

Mobile phones use Radio Frequency (RF) waves in order to transmit signals to and fro. The RF signals from mobile phones fall within the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now these microwaves are responsible for heating effects, the very concept which a microwave oven utilises in order to heat food. Thus holding a mobile phone to our ear for a substantial part of the day, as many of us today do, is effectively equal to holding an electronic microwave emitting device which shoots microwaves into our head. The mobile phone towers generously dotting all our cities also emit the same radiations. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA states that public exposure from cellular telephones at a Standard Absorption Rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram is the safe limit. In other words, microwave emissions which cause a temperature increase of no more than one degree Celsius are deemed to be safe. However, the non-heating effects of microwave radiations also need to be examined closely before we reach a stand on the topic. 

A compelling instance of health hazards as one of the disadvantages of mobile phones was an experiment performed by Swedish researchers where they studied the effects of exposure to microwave radiations for two hours on rats’ brains. They found that a large number of dead brain cells were found in the rats’ brains after fifty days. Degeneration of brain cells in humans leads to serious diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease among others. Although, the linkage of mobile phone usage with Alzheimer’s and cancer are not completely established, however, even a modicum of truth in these findings has major ramifications. Mobile phone usage in USA has gone up from 13 million mobile phone subscribers in 1993 to 223 million in 2006, almost twenty times in thirteen years. This implies that now, a much higher number of people are exposed to these harmful radiations than thirteen years back. Although not yet completely proven, mobile phones are also associated with a number of other ailments such as cancer, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, headaches and sleep disturbance to name a few.

Social Impact

Mobile phones today display a host of features apart from the usual calling and texting functions that they were originally associated with. From checking email to storing all kinds of files to streaming music and videos, they can perform all the functions an average computer can. And it is this very feature that allows people in the possession of mobile phones to become anti-social at times. Teenagers and young children often get addicted to mobile phones and use them for watching videos, messaging and gaming. Thus along with the real purpose of the mobile phone, a large chunk of their time is also lost due to these unnecessary activities. Mobile phones can be very distracting in certain settings such as schools and offices.

The fact is mobile phones allow any-time, any-place connectivity which may not always be a good thing. Landlines allowed people to remain in touch while maintaining a certain level of privacy which mobile phones do not. The ubiquity of mobile phones could prove to be a source of irritation at times. So while it is good to remain in touch, continuous incoming calls and the need to answer them could be highly annoying. Also, advertisements and constant sales calls by mobile phone companies is a glaring disadvantage of mobile phones today.

In recent times, distraction due to mobile phones has also led to serious incidents. For instance, the use of hand-held as well as hands-free phones while driving has been banned in countries like Japan and India due to their potential accident hazard. In a report on distracted driving fatalities released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for 2009, out of 5,474 people killed, roughly 20% were killed by drivers distracted by cell phones. Though this is not a generalised statement, it does to some extent display the level of danger that mobile phone usage in inappropriate situations leads to. A number of crashes and accidents have been attributed to the drivers responsible for them being distracted by texting or answering calls.

Economic Impact

The requirements which used to be fulfilled by land lines a few years back have now speedily been taken over by cell phones. Due to the high degree of connectivity, portability and convenience they offer, almost every member of the family finds it useful to own a personal mobile phone. This results in a greater number of handsets per household and ultimately higher expenses as compared to landline bills. The spending on mobile phone bills has laready overtaken landline expenditure in the US. Businesses have issues with employees making frivolous calls through mobile phones assigned at work. This increases unnecessary costs, however, there are a number of ways by which these calls can be monitored and non-official usage can be singled out. 

With the rise of mobile apps, games and mobile internet mobile has also become one stop shop for entertainment. Companies suffering from poor productivity and efficiency due to mobile distractions is becoming common these days. 

Mobiles have also been used for thefts using their built in camera systems etc. This is one of the reason that why camera phones are not allowed in sensitive areas of many companies. Certain companies do not allow camera mobile phones at all!

all said and done, but we still need them!

Majority of us are mobile phone users and it is important to be educated about the risks and benefits of mobile phone usage. While there are a number of disadvantages of mobile phones, their benefits ultimately outweigh the negatives as has been seen from the rising trend of mobile phone usage in the past two decades. Caution should be exercised when using mobile phones while driving and in offices and schools. However after taking into account all of these facts, it is easy to concede that mobile phones bring a whole new level of comfort to our lives. Thus, the disadvantages of mobile phones, while being highly significant, do not pose a serious threat to their existence. 

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