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Newport University Assignment Gradespeed

Christopher Newport offers two types of financial aid:

  • Need-based aid
  • Merit scholarships

To apply for need-based financial aid, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our priority deadline to receive your FAFSA information is March 1. Christopher Newport’s school code for the FAFSA is 003706.

Merit scholarships are available through the Honors Program and the President’s Leadership Program (PLP). Scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $25,000 per year. A separate application is required. If you did not complete the academics section of the Common Application, you may still apply online.

The priority deadline for Honors and PLP is December 1, however, you may apply as late as February 15. Notification varies depending on your application plan (Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision). Merit scholarships are available to incoming freshmen only and interviews are required for the Honors and President’s Leadership Programs.

Instructors, what do you need to know when Assignments are set to “Display Grade as Letter Grade”?

  • A Canvas Assignment can be set to “Display Grade as Letter Grade” in the assignment settings.
  • Then in Grades, the assignment score will display as both a letter grade, AND as points, in the same column, based on the course’s grade scheme.
  • Grades can be entered in the gradebook as either points or a letter grade, and Canvas will calculate the other*.
  • Remember that Total Grades is calculated numerically.
  • *Heads-up!
    • Entering a letter grade in Grades, results in Canvas assigning a numeric score that is one less than the topmost value in that letter grade’s range (from the scheme).
    • The Total grade calculation may result with an inflated Final Letter Grade.
    • Example:
    • DO: Enter the median score for that letter grade. Canvas will assign the appropriate letter grade.
    • DON’T: Enter the letter grade and let Canvas assign the numeric score.
  • Note: CSU has requested Canvas that the median value be assigned, but letter grade functionality was designed to assign a high numeric score; this model can only be changed with lots of user feedback. If you want to speak your voice, “Add a comment” on this Canvas community idea. (You probably need to log in to Canvas first.) And even though the voting is closed, your comments still make a difference!

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