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Brand Image Research Paper Pdf

In the field of high-technology and high-involvement products, launch of new products is seen as very high. The usage of multiple electronic gadgets in every household is an example of such growth and emphasizes the importance of responsible marketing of high-technology products to cater to such needs. Even high-tech companies that understand the importance of marketing face uncertainty and complications in making marketing decisions and also in the understanding of consumer requirements. For any high-involvement product category, the decision-making time is normally long and customers generally evaluate the information available very cautiously. They also involve in active information search process. The risk associated with such decision is very high. Here the word high technology is set to mean ‘sophisticated knowledge associated with some general field of endeavour’ and marketing of such high technology driven products is being faced by growing set of complexities. Again one of the major advantages any reputed brand enjoys compared to other non-reputed brands is the association of psychological assurance. Customers develop trust on reputed brands. This article tries to find out the influencing factors of buying high- technology and high-involvement products. The role of brand image in influencing the consumer’s decision- making of high-technology products is examined in this article. This article classifies the high-technology customers based on their decision-making styles and their acceptance of extended brands.

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