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Persuasive Essay Free

The main aim of persuasive essay is to show that your argument is true. It attempts to convince the reader that your point of view is more legitimate than others. Once you have developed some argument, you should back it up with available evidence and examples.

For many students the planning of the persuasive essay is not an easy matter. The following steps will facilitate the process:

  • Define your attitude on the mater. You should express clearly and convincingly why you have chosen this position on the subject of your research.
  • Study your prospective audience. Try to find out whether your audience will agree with the argument, whether it accepts or disapproves of your position.
  • Examine closely the subject. All arguments in persuasive essay should be backed up with reliable and trustworthy evidence.
  • Plan your essay. Try to design your essay by figuring out the order in which you will present your evidence.

To write a sound persuasive essay, do:

  • be well informed about the subject you research. You should research thoroughly the topic and provide reliable legitimate resources to back it up.
  • Re-examine your thesis. Your thesis, like a coin should have two sides. It should be arguable. In order to make it arguable provide counter thesis to your argument.
  • Understand another point view. In order to make the best of your presentation, find out why other people hold a different point of view. Examine the weak points of their arguments (on this stage it you should closely examine the weakness of your points as well).
  • Back up your arguments. All your evidence should be reasonable and reliable. You might include some statistics as well. In this case, do not forget that you must cite the sources.
  • Provide some quotes. Sometimes, it is indispensable to provide some quotes from reliable and reputable experts.
  • Include examples. They enhance the reader's credibility.


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