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Law And Justice Essay Student Room Furniture

Law and justice

Intro- we assume the whole aim of law is to achieve justice…..

What is justice?(meanings, difficulty in defining, theories)

-Justice has many meanings

-Oxford dictionary,‘just conduct, fairness’

-Lord Lloyd, difficulty defining ‘justice, whatever its precise meaning may be, is itself a moral value, that is one of the aims or purposes which man sets himself in order to attain the good life’

Types of justice

-Procedural- requires equality of treatment in accordance with the classification laid down by rules e.g. civil and criminal appeal processes, juries

-Corrective- the righting of wrongs through fair remedy or punishment e.g. sentencing

Theories of justice

-St Thomas Aquinas-the natural law theory makes the assumption that if natural law if followed the result will be justice. A law which goes against god derived law will be unjust and should not be obeyed. Some…

Following these basic safety guidelines will reduce the chance that students are injured in academic facilities on campus.

  • 1) Identify the two closest exits and all potential evacuation routes.
  • 2) Know the location of nearest fire alarm and how to use it.
  • 3) Never prop open hallway doors or lock fire exit doors.
  • 4) Keep corridors clear of flammable materials to prevent rapid fire spread.
  • 5) Report vandalized fire equipment to campus public safety.

Campus labs have high ignition potential because of chemical, electrical, and mechanical heat sources. To prevent lab fires, students should:

  • Only work under supervision
  • Follow campus standard operating procedures for conducting experiments and research
  • Never leave experiments or pressure vessels running unattended
  • Keep flammable gases and reagents away from heat

St. Michael’s College, 2/17/14: An electric space heater was responsible for an accidental fire that displaced 22 students at St. Michael’s Townhouse 105. Upon hearing smoke alarms, the residents were able to get out safely. The Colchester Fire Department responded and found the dormitory unit’s top and bottom floors engulfed in flames, police said.

University of Massachusetts, 1/18/11: A lit candle ignited a fire in a student’s residence hall room when it came into contact with a window shade. The overhead sprinkler system doused the flames. Firefighters found two other rooms with burning candles and in several rooms (including where the fire began) there were hats hung over smoke detectors.

Students have a responsibility for practicing fire safety in their dorms. It is important to follow each school’s specific guidelines about what students can and can’t have in their rooms. The items most commonly banned due as fire hazards are:

  • Hot plates
  • Toaster ovens
  • George Foreman grills
  • Candles
  • Halogen and lava lamps
  • Space heaters
  • Incense

Todd Sigle, Chief of Police at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, explains that most on-campus residence hall fires are often caused by unattended stove tops, primarily electric ranges. In addition to being left unattended, these cooking tools are also hazardous because they aren’t equipped with temperature regulating technology. Sigle noted that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2007-2011, 84% of reported dormitory fires involved cooking equipment.

Sigle has noticed that shared kitchen areas are becoming commonplace as more apartment-style construction replaces traditional residence hall design. Because of this, Sigle stresses that it is critically important for college students to recognize the importance and responsibility of following fire safety practices.

Many times it is simply a matter of paying attention, especially when cooking. In 2012, there were eight cooking fires in residence halls during a very short time period at the University of Kansas. In one instance, a student made macaroni and cheese in the microwave without adding water. Another student left a plastic tray too close to a hot dog warmer.

Isolating the fire by putting a lid over it or closing the door can ensure student safety. When a fire broke out on the third floor of Brown Residence Hall at Duke University, a student’s quick thinking prevented injuries. The fire started when a backpack lying against a radiator combusted into flames. When the student found the fire, he closed the door, containing the fire.

Residence Hall Safety Guidelines

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