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College Essay Questions For Applications For Ipad

This app will give you thought provoking questions for the Common Application questions. It will also give you 20+ Brainstorming Activities that are designed with college application essays in mind.

Each activity will get you thinking about things in your life, whether it is a weird habit or article of clothing you wear everyday, that you didn’t think college admissions officers would find interesting and want to read about.

The two hardest parts about writing your college application essay are your topic and getting started. The application essay question will give you a question or topic but what will you write about?

Many people waste a lot of time mulling over what to write about when the best thing they can do is to just start getting words on paper.

Simple brainstorming activities can help you do that and will help jumpstart your creativity.

How This App Works:

• Select which Common Application prompt you like or choose an activity from the “Other Brainstorming Activities” section.

• You will be then shown some questions or prompts, which will jumpstart your brain and ask you for very specific and detailed answers about the activity, topic, or prompt.

• Once you read through the sample questions, you will be able to choose how you want to record your answers.

• You can use traditional “pen & paper” (a laptop or a whiteboard are also fine for this).

• Or you can choose the “notepad” function and the keyboard and text box will appear.

• When the timer starts, write down (or type) whatever words or phrases pop into your head.

• Go Quickly! Sometimes the best ideas pop into your head when you are under the pressure of time.

• Be very specific and detailed in your description. Write down the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and tastes about whatever the topic is. Nothing is off limits!

• If you use the “notepad” function then your answers will be recorded in your “My Activities” section. If you use the "Pen & Paper" function you can take a photo of your work and email it to yourself or somebody else, maybe someone that can add something of value to your ideas.

• You will then have some great ideas for your college application essay. You can use those words or phrases to create simple sentences and paragraphs, which will get you on your way to a first draft college application essay.

• You can also tell others that you used the College Application Essay Brainstorming App by posting via Twitter & Facebook. Your work will NOT be shown to them if you post on social media (unless you post it separately on your own).

You might not consider yourself a great writer but the purpose of the college application essay is not to find the fabulous writers. It is designed to find out what is behind the GPA and standardized test scores of the applicant.

Start small. Then make it awesome!

You will hardly find a student who enjoys writing a college paper. Among all the other tasks they get assigned in college, paper writing is one of the most difficult assignments. Students run into several problems:

  • lack of ideas

  • problems understanding the paper’s topic

  • problems with research

  • problems with structure

  • lack of knowledge about citation styles

  • problems expressing their thoughts

  • simple laziness

Fortunately for students, technology offers us many ways to improve paper writing and make this process easier. With the help of numerous online tools and mobile applications, college paper writing is no longer a student’s worst nightmare. Here are 20 websites and apps that can help.


Admission Essays: An online service for students who need to write good essays and application letters. It provides dozens of free essays to use as samples for students’ work. Here, everyone can learn how to write good papers and compose great application letters.

Dictionary.com: This resource provides more useful information for students than just definitions. A thesaurus, citation formats, many links to useful tools, a style guide, and formats for punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviations – you can find it all here.

Encyclopedia.com: A perfect place for research, where students will find links to many reference books and such well-known and authoritative encyclopedias as the Columbia Encyclopedia and Britannica. More than 100 dictionaries are available here to search for different information related to college writing.

Bid4papers.com/college-paper.html: A resource for students who want to get more experience in college paper writing, learn how to do it properly, and understand all the nuances of academic writing. This resource provides high-quality services together with a very good theoretical base for young people to start writing their essays professionally.

Find Tutorials: A website where students will find a big collection of academic tutorials to help them deal with academic writing. All tutorials are reviewed on their quality, and you can easily see which of them are worth the attention.

TED: Studying in college is impossible to imagine without this online resource, which collects video talks from experts in different fields. You can watch videos on relevant topics, read articles written by professionals, and organize events.

HippoCampus: A good resource for students who are not sure they’ve understood all the material properly. Here you can find lectures and a lot of other information on psychology, algebra, economics, biology, sociology, and many other topics.


Evernote: One of the best and most well-known applications for taking all the notes you need for college paper writing.

Simplenote: All your ideas, tasks, and assignments will be easy to find now, as this useful application lets you manage them and syncs with other devices.

Springpad: This application stores links, photos, notes, locations, and lots of other information so you can collect and use it for writing later.

Google Docs: A perfect place to save all your papers, spreadsheets, lists, calendars, and many other documents. Students can share their docs with fellows or teachers, making the process of college paper writing quicker and easier.


Byword: This application was created to make the process of writing easier and more enjoyable. Students can create texts, sync them in the cloud, and use Markdown support and many other features.

Writing Kit: A very good application for research and writing. It allows you to use Markdown syntax, and it syncs to Dropbox.

iA Writer: This application lets students concentrate on the most important task, and this is writing. Distraction-free, this app is pleasant on the eyes, and it syncs to both iCloud and Dropbox, making it easier for students to use.

PlainText: This app is clean and simple, but it does what a student needs: it helps them get their writing done. Nothing will distract you from writing while using this application, and its Dropbox sync makes PlainText a must-try.


iThoughts: A good application to keep track of your ideas and keep them in order. It’s a great help to any writer, as it helps you remember everything and browse your notes.

Nebulous Notes: This application is a must-try for students who need to format their writing with different fonts or backgrounds. It allows you to add various special characters, tabs, date functions, and more.

Elements: A plain-text editor that allows you to sync all files to Dropbox. There are plenty of elements in this application for students to improve their writing: word count, a scratchpad, auto-saving, touch support, line count, and more.

Outliner: An application to outline writing ideas, move them easily with drag-and-drop, make notes, and order all your writing in many different ways.

Notesy: A plain-text editor with the option to preview files, view links, search for information, add phone numbers, and much more. This is a good way to organize ideas and research results for further writing.

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