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Droga Ay Iwasan Essaytyper

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When taking on the Essay typer review, we principally intended to answer a frequently asked question, ‘is Essay typer legit?’ To hit this task, we tried a free version with all its features in place, but compared it with a pro version in terms of pricing and delivery time.

Quality is very good with a pro version, but not for free

You can type your own essay, or dissertation, or coursework, or term paper – whatever, just type the subject you need. The selection of subjects is diverse. However, the website Essay typer is nothing but a generator, which means its free version does not involve professional writers but rather makes web compilations. Given this, our free writing was mostly copy-pasted. This is, however, avoided when using a fee-based pro version.

Pro-version pricing is not cheap, though you can choose a free version

If a pro version, it is not a free essay generator. Your price will depend on how many pages you will order, what type and level of writing you will choose and which terms you will ask for. What`s good is that you can choose from among a variety of topics. What`s bad is that the service is not cheap, it is rather among the market average services. We could not find any rebates, and the service only suggested us to pay online.

Essaytyper.com provides for no plagiarism-free guaranties

What`s primarily bad about the guaranties this company offers is that no plagiarism-free guaranty is provided. Why? Because essay typer is not working as a legit service, as it is mostly about plagiarism: the generator collects information pieces from all around and compiles a writing.

However, there are other guaranties that work:

  • Fast delivery
  • Variety of topics
  • Very quick writing.


Though an instant Essay typer, the support is actually not

Unfortunately, we experienced some problems with getting through to the service guys. We had to agree upon some amendments and probably to mix some topics in one, but it is very difficult to find help using a free version. With the pro one, it is easier, and they promise you can discuss, but for additional fee.

Nice usability and even kind of fun

The essay typer website is funny to operate: you type whatever you want, meanwhile your keyboard kind of types a true-to-life writing. It is convenient, you can do it as quickly as you wish, depending on how fast you kind of type. However, we would add more features to make the website more helpful.

Delivery is definitely a plus to Essay typer reviews

Your essay is done very quickly. Even if you need to pass your test or exam immediately, it will be completed on time. We checked this for both a free and a pro version, and they delivered equally well. So, we would recommend www.essaytyper for fast deliveries. By the way. here is the link to Twitter account of Essay Typer creator.

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EssayTyper.com Review

Essaytyper.com differs from other custom writing services a great deal. They focus on helping the students to write their own essays rather than simply offering to have stuff written for them. Some of their content is borrowed, though, so you need to watch out for that. Intended or not, plagiarism is a very serious charge that may cause a student more problems that just a particular essay not being admitted. To their credit, however, they warn their visitors/customers to stay vigilant from the very beginning of your experience with this website.


As mentioned before, Essay Typer is not your ordinary writing service that takes orders and then sells you a ready essay. So, you will not be able to buy a chapter or an entire paper from them. Basically, their service works like this: you start typing your essay, and you see all sorts of possible suggestions popping up to facilitate your thinking and writing process. This can be extremely useful if you encounter some kind of writer's block and have no idea what to write further.

As you can see, Essay Typer can hardly be regarded as a essay writing service, it is more like a tool to aid you and should be viewed as such. So, if you happen to find yourself in need of a more substantial assistance, you should probably keep looking.


As one can expect, this tool is free of charge. The developers have definitely earned some karma points by putting it out for free, and students of the world can cheer and should be thankful for that. Given this fact, it would be wrong to expect too much. Instead, one should be grateful for what one gets. When you don't have to pay – this is as much as you get.

With Essay Typer, you still have to write an essay yourself. This means that you will be the only one responsible for it. You have no writer or company to hold accountable, should your essay perform not as well as you might expect. Nobody will do the research for you; nobody will guarantee good quality of writing; nobody will take care of all the format requirements, etc.

So, if you have serious doubts regarding your writing skills, Essay Typer will be of little help to you. Instead, be recommended to find an actual writing service. Even though you will have to pay them, you know what you get for your money – an actual paper written by a pro who is responsible for any and every smallest detail of the end-result.


As we have discussed, this is not an actual service, but rather a tool. Since you remain the one responsible for your essay, the quality of the end-result depends on you solely. It helps you to overcome a writer's block, should you have one; it is also a good helper when you find yourself stuck looking for a good academic-sounding phrase in the course of your work, but not more than that. If you need more serious assistance, you should look for it elsewhere.

This being said, Essay Typer sure is a super fun tool to use!


As with most free tools, the user cannot really be called a customer, so the customer support is not paid much attention to. It would be quite far-fetched to expect a special toll-free phone, chat, or even an email address for the tool users to ask their questions regarding the service.

The developer was, however, courteous enough to specify their Twitter account on the website. So, all the support you can address and obtain comes in the form of tweets, which, as you know, is quite limited in volume. You can only ask and be answered in 140 characters. The Twitter account is not abandoned though, and to the developers' credit, they try their best to attend to all the questions they receive.


When you google “essay help,” your search results will mostly include the actual writing services where you pay money and get your essay written by someone else. Many students mean something different by “essay help” So, if you don't fall under the category of students in need of a paper written for them, but instead need just a little inspiration, Essay Typer is what you are looking for.

As we have warned, though, there is a great chance that what the tool will come up with material borrowed from elsewhere, and, if used in an actual essay, it will be regarded as plagiarism. Another thing to keep in mind is that the system is automatic. So, be careful and thoroughly read through everything that the tool suggests you because it sometimes is completely irrelevant to the topic of your essay.

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