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Homework Station Ikea Stores

  • Three Homework Stations

    Many homework station projects focus on one station ... but what do you do when you have more than one? Get inspired with this great idea for setting up all of your kids.
    Learn more at Houzz

  • Organized Kids’ Computer Station

    Why is it that the computer area seems to attract clutter and mess? Check out this great post about how to keep your kids' computer station organized.
    Learn more at Organizing Made Fun

  • DIY Homework Station

    I don't know where to begin with this amazing project. The vintage-looking shelving/cabinets? The fun ladder-back chairs? The cool desk? Check it out.
    Learn more at The Heartfelt Home

  • Fold-Up IKEA Homework Station

    Need to save some space? Try this great IKEA fold-up station.
    Learn more at This Old House

  • Homework Station Window Nook

    So many homework stations face a wall. But here's a room with a view ... to make it easier to daydream, I guess, or perhaps get inspired for that English essay.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart

  • Homework Station with Metal Shelving

    I love the bright colors mixed with the oh-so-functional industrial, adjustable shelving.
    Learn more at Scrapbook Girl

  • Contemporary Homework Station

    I love the clean lines of this modern-looking station. Adapt it and add color as complements your decor.
    Learn more at Houzz

  • Kitchen Island into Homework Station

    Adapt this kitchen island into a flexible homework station. Twister rug optional for mid-study breaks.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Unfinished Bookshelf to Trendy Homework Station

    Adapt an unfinished bookshelf to this space-efficient homework station.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens

  • Pegboard Homework Station

    Go for the ultimate in flexibility with this pegboard station -- a trip to your local hardware store will give you a bunch of flexible accessories.
    Learn more at Homemade Simple

  • Closet to Homework Station

    Short on space? Adapt a closet into a homework station.
    Learn more at Real Simple

  • Old Crib to Homework Station

    You can't resell cribs ... so rework them instead. Check out this cute homework station!
    Learn more at I Know The Plans I Have For You

  • Space-Saving Closet-To-Homework Station Solution

    Got an even smaller closet? Check out this crazy-space-efficient solution.
    Learn more at HGTV

  • Open-Space Homework Station

    A homework station doesn't have to be confined to a desk. Have a nice round table and chairs? Turn a table into a homework center!
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens

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