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Experience In China Essay

China: A Reflective Essay

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China: A Reflective Essay
Standing atop the highest peak of the Great Wall in Beijing, China after nearly two hours of climbing up the uneven, ancient stairs, I couldn’t help but to think about my life and all the decisions I have made thus far. Drenched in sweat and gasping for breath through the thick, heavy, polluted air, I stood quietly in amazement. I was not only speechless because I had actually braved the nearly 7-mile climb but also because of the picturesque landscape that surrounded me. “I did it!” I thought to myself, “I actually did it!” I closed my eyes and fought back tears of joy.
My journey up the wall had truly been the pinnacle of my trip to China by far. If I was able to motivate myself to make it to the top of…show more content…

Throughout my China trip, I encountered several memorable experiences and events that I was impacted by, which and provided insight into the cultural differences and similarities between the East and West.
With just over 1.3 billion people, China represents 20% of the world's population and frankly the most curious people I have ever come in contact with. “Are you competing in the Olympics?” “Are you Kobe Bryant’s little sister?” “Can I take a picture with you?” “Is your coloring natural?” These were some of the first questions I was asked while flying from Shanghai to Xian. While they seemed outlandish and preposterous to me, the outspoken middle-aged man sitting next to me had no qualms in asking. The overwhelming curiosity seemed evident in all of the five cities I visited. Baffled and sometimes uncomfortable by the constant questioning, I was forced to adapt. “No I am not competing in the Olympics and Kobe Bryant is most certainly not my brother but, yes I will take a picture with you.” was my response. I realized that the people were curious and most had never seen an African American in person before.
Through research (post trip) I learned that there is no direct translation for the word “privacy” within the Chinese language. The closest translation to the western meaning of “privacy” is “to hide”. In China almost every topic is open for

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Every day, China is becoming more and more influential in terms of the global economy, politics, and authority. The times when China was an underdeveloped country passed long ago, and nowadays this Asian giant is a recognized and respected opponent (and/or partner) of other powerful countries such as the United States and Russia. Although not all of the regions of China are as remarkably prosperous as its coastal areas, China has recently become incredibly attractive for millions of people around the world to live and work in—and for a number of reasons.

China has a rapidly growing economy, with many companies now becoming world leaders or at least major competitors to already existing ones—for example, Meizu, Xiaomi, AliExpress, and many others. This means two things: firstly, China has a giant labor market, with the amount of workplaces growing every day. For a person both inside or outside China, this is a great opportunity to find his or her dream job. Secondly, as a person from abroad looking for an internship or a job in China, you have higher chances to be hired compared to applying to the same position in your home country; this occurs due to your foreign expertise and the knowledge of English (or another foreign language), which can theoretically help a Chinese company be a more efficient competitor. This is also the factor that can bring you a quicker promotion—so, why miss the opportunity? Working in China is a great experience, and a huge bonus to your CV in case you decide to work elsewhere after your Chinese experience (Tripbase.com).

If you move to China, you will discover another reason why this country is worth moving to: its prices. For Chinese people, the costs of different products may be high, but if you are a citizen of the United States, European Union, or any other country with a high quality of life, you will find Chinese prices pleasantly low—the cost of living in China is affordable, even if you are an intern on a student budget (GoAbroad.com). See for yourself: public transport is cheap even in Beijing, the capital of China—only $0.32 to get to any corner of the city by subway; taxis are cheap as well. As for the local food, it is not only cheap, but also delicious, so you will find yourself regularly dining in all kinds of street cafes, stands, and so on. A portion of Beijing duck will cost you about $10, and a barbecue on a stick will be only $0.30 (China Highlights). Considering that Chinese cuisine is as filling as it is tasty, such prices are more than affordable.

In addition, living and working in China can be a life-changing experience. As a westerner, you will see more or less similar things, get into similar situations, or meet alike people while you travel around the Western Hemisphere. However, arriving to China changes everything. First of all, Chinese people see foreigners as an exotic phenomenon, so you will feel like you are at the center of public attention. If you ever wanted to know how celebrities feel, this is your chance (China Whisper). The differences between your mentality and the Chinese mentality can be frustrating sometimes, but when you learn to adjust to discrepancies, you will open your mind and truly love the industrious and unusual people of China. You will visit exotic places, find yourself in a number of challenging situations, and learn to live in an alien culture—what can be more enriching in terms of experience?

China is one of the most rapidly-developing countries in the world. Its culture is different from the western one, but it is also the number one reason to move to this beautiful country. As a western person, you will find it beneficial not just in terms of your career (which is not difficult to build there), but also in terms of the cost of living—the prices are more than affordable—and the limitless new experiences you will gain on a daily basis.

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