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Acg12 Assignment 17

BUSSCM 1780 Six SigmaHomework Assignment 08Chapters 14 and 15Name (Please Print)InstructionsPrint a hard copy of this homework.Please solve each problem and show your work. Hand in a hard copy of this page with your solutions attached (i.e. stapled) during class.Problems1.The results of a measurement system analysis on the methods used to measure sliding friction on a conveyor systems reveled that:σOBSERVED2=178σACTUAL2=121Is the measurement system reliable? Please justify your answer.Yes, it is reliable because the actual divided by the observed is less than .01.2.You perform an audit of your company’s employee information system. Whenever a new employee is hired, the hiring manager is required to gather specific background information for the employee, such as spouse’s name, home address, emergency contact, and so on. So, you select a few filed background sheets. You then have the employees review each of the 20 fields that the hiring manager filled in to verifytheir all correct. The table below shows the results of the audit.





 Assignment cover sheet 

needs to be included at the front of each assignment.

Please fill in all details clearly

.Full name:

Andrew Edward Cole


PO Box 9043Deakin LPOACT



UniSA student ID

1 1 0 0 2 0 0 71

Phone number:

0407 384 998

Email address:


Unit code:


Unit title:

Accounting, Decisions and Accountability

Due date (indicate if extension granted):



May, 2009 (1 Week Extension Granted)

Assignment number:

2Assignment topic as stated in the

Unit information

Assignment 2

I declare that the work contained in this assignment is my own, except whereacknowledgement of sources is made.I authorise the University to test any work submitted by me, using text comparison software,for instances of plagiarism. I understand this will involve the University or its contractorcopying my work and storing it on a database to be used in future to test work submitted byothers.I understand that I can obtain further information on this matter athttp://www.unisanet.unisa.edu.au/learningconnection/student/studying/integrity.aspSigned:

Andrew Cole – 13 May 2009

Note: The attachment of this statement on any electronically submitted assignments will bedeemed to have the same authority as a signed statement.

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Date received fromstudent


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