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Soas Masters Dissertation Guidelines

Thesis Writing, Formatting, Printing & Binding Guidelines - by University


30-June-2016 10:46

in Thesis binding

by Mark

We thought we'd start to put together a long-overdue resource for students in order to help them find thesis writing, formatting, printing and binding information for their particular university. The links below will help to make things easier. Of course it's only a start, so we'll need to add to it from time to time as we find more information and links. Why not bookmark this post for future reference! And, of course, if your university is missing and you have some links and information that we're currently missing, please do let us know.

City University

Physical Format, Binding and Retention of theses: PDF document.

Goldsmiths, UoL

Submission, format and binding guidelines: Word document.
List of printers: PDF document.
More information: Link.

Imperial College London

Information showing The Document Centre as a thesis printing/binding supplier for Imperial College London and notes regarding the 'Instructions and notes on submission, format and binding of theses submitted for the degrees of M Phil, PhD, MD, MS, MDS, and D Vet Med': PDF document.

Institute of Cancer Research

Information on thesis preparation, printing and binding: link.

Institute of Education

List of recommended thesis binders (including, of course, The Document Centre!): link.

King's College London

Thesis printing & binding instructions (document RD10): link.
List of approved binders (including The Document Centre): PDF document.

London School of Economics (LSE)

Formatting and binding your thesis: (PDF document).
Information and printers recommended (including The Document Centre): link.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UoL

Theses for Research Degrees - Instructions and notes on submission, format and binding of theses submitted for the degrees of MPhil, PhD, MD(Res), MD, MS, MDS and DVetMed plus list of approved printers & binders including The Document Centre: PDF document.

Nottingham University

Preparation and submission of theses and the Thesis Pending stage: link.

Open University

Thesis format and other guidelines: link (scroll to about half way down the page) and some PDF guidelines here.

Queen Mary University

List of suggested printers/binders including The Document Centre: PDF document.
Guidance Notes on the Submission, Presentation and Binding of Theses for Research Degree Examinations: Word document.

Reading University

Rules for the submission of theses for PhD, MPhil, LLM, EdD and EngD: (PDF document).

Royal Holloway, University of London

Instructions and Notes on Submission, Format and Binding of Theses for Research Degrees at Royal Holloway: PDF document.
Approved printers including R.G. Scales/The Document Centre: PDF document.

Royal Veterinary College, UoL

Instructions and notes on submission, format and binding of theses submitted for the degrees of MPhil, PhD, MRes and DVetMed:
Word document, and see page 42 of this larger Word document, more information available via this link.


Binding notes for SOAS research degree theses: PDF document 1, PDF document 2 and a List of suggested thesis Printers(PDF document) including The Document Centre.

Southampton University

Binding types explained: link.
More information about preparing, printing, binding and handing in your thesis: link.

Sussex University:

Dissertation binding information including Sussex University's in-house service for thermal binding (link). Students working further away from Sussex University are also invited to use the online thesis printing and binding services offered by The Document Centre.

University College London (UCL):

Guidelines for the preparation and submission of UCL theses and dissertations: link.
And here is a list of of approved thesis printers and binders, including The Document Centre: link.

University of Essex

Thesis information (policies, procedures and guidelines): link.
More information via their FAQ): link.
Notes for guidance on the submission and presentation of a thesis (For the degree of MPhil, MD, Professional Doctorate or PhD) or a dissertation (For the degree of MSc or MA By Dissertation): Word document.

University of Greenwich

Requirements for the presentation of the thesis/dissertation: PDF document (see page 35).

University of Kent

Instructions to Candidates for the Examination of Research Degrees (including the Postgraduate Diploma by Research and Training): PDF document.

University of London

Instructions and notes on submission, format and binding of theses submitted for the degrees of MPhil, PhD, MD(Res), MD, MS, MDS and DVetMed: PDF document.
List of suggested thesis/dissertation printers and binders for University of London, including The Document Centre: link.

University of Wales

Procedure for the submission of a PhD theses for examination: Word document.
Thesis printing and binding services: 1). the university's in-house service or alternatively 2). visit The Document Centre's online thesis printing and binding service).

Online Thesis Printing & Binding Service for University Students

Contact The Document Centre for more information about thesis printing and binding services for university students. Do also, please, let us know if you have any links to thesis guidelines for other universities not yet shown in the list above. Call 020 7928 9738 or visit www.document-centre.co.uk for thesis/dissertation printing and binding services. Many thanks.




MA Dissertation in Law

Module Code:
Taught in:
Full Year

The purpose of the Dissertation is to enable students to demonstrate their capacity to carry out a substantial piece of independent academic research on a selected topic.

Students will be assessed on their capacity to;

  • define a topic for examination;
  • articulate a coherent scheme for examining this topic;
  • gather the necessary information;
  • analyse and present this information in a way which satisfactorily assesses the topic which they have set themselves.

The module is compulsory for all students on MA Law Degrees. Regulations relating to choice of topic, the role of the supervisor and presentation are set out in the Postgraduate Taught Degree Dissertation Guidelines.


  • There must be a member of SOAS staff competent and willing to supervise the topic, and available at the times when supervisions are required.
  • Students cannot expect supervisors to be necessarily available over the summer.

Regulations relating to the LLM Dissertation are set out in the Postgraduate Taught Degree Regulations.


Students are required to attend research and writing skills sessions over the academic year.

Method of assessment

  • Dissertation: 100% (12,000 words due in September)
    Note: different regulations apply to dissertations for LLM students.


Important notice regarding changes to programmes and modules

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