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Cover Letter Digital Strategist Resume

Digital Strategist Resume

Digital strategist has a crucial role to play in the organizational success, as he/she has to ensure that the organization's goals and vision are met. So whilst preparing the digital strategist resume, one should make sure that it projects the right image and role which are desirable for the digital strategist position.

In some organizations, the digital marketing professional is responsible for digital strategist role. However, the role of a digital strategist in an organization is different from the role of a digital marketing professional. We would like to explain here that though the role of a digital marketing professional is different from the role of a digital strategist, having some experience in marketing is a must to be qualified for the position of a digital strategist. So if a person is applying for the position of a digital strategist, he/she must have some hands on experience in marketing.

In every organization, the role of a digital strategist is defined differently. It is defined according to the needs of the organization to become successful at that point of time. The role of a digital strategist is defined differently as per companies in different type of industries. For example, the role of a digital strategist in a company under the IT industry would be different from the role of a digital strategist in a company under the entertainment and media industry.

Digital strategist is a like a link between different specialized departments and customers. For example, one of the important roles of the digital strategist is to act as a link between the marketing department and customer. The digital strategist converts the complex technicalities of the product into simple language and explains it accordingly to the customers. Following is the example of a digital strategist resume.

Ronald Brown
11, Park street,
New York, USA.

Career Objective:

To work efficiently and lead the workforce with discipline and innovation to take the organization towards success

Summary of Experience and Skills:

  • 10+ years experience of working as a digital strategist
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong experience and knowledge of new marketing techniques and innovative marketing strategy
  • Strong knowledge and experience in project management and project planning
  • Good team building and team management abilities
  • Creative use of knowledge of web applications and various platforms
  • Ability to meet deadlines effectively

Professional Experience:

Mango Technologies, New York
January 2006 - Present
Digital Strategist


  • Analyzing the market conditions and client demands about the company's product
  • Analyzing current marketing strategy and client communication strategy
  • Making changes and developments in marketing strategy of a company to make the marketing campaign successful
  • Introducing innovative marketing tactics and techniques in the process of development of digital marketing strategy
  • Creatively using social media and social networking for digital marketing purpose
  • Keeping constant tab on the market conditions
  • Making recommendations to the development team in improvement of quality of a product according to client needs and changing market conditions using the newest techniques and technologies
  • Analyzing client interaction and client support techniques of the support teams (product support, customer support, etc.,), and suggesting improvements accordingly
  • Ensuring correct and precise documentation of communication strategy, product development strategy, product support strategy, proposals, etc.
  • Planning & conducting internal meetings about critical issues and changes. Planning & conducting meetings with clients
  • Educating clients about the company's product and its use
  • Preparing strategies to generate new business from new and old customers


  • 50% increase in the company's profit for the year 2011-2012 despite the effect of recession
  • Achieved the Best Employee award for the year 2010-2011

Pineapple Technologies, New York
January 2002 - December 2005
Digital Marketing Strategist


  • Design marketing plan and strategies according to market conditions and the client's needs
  • Using various marketing techniques for marketing such as online branding, SEO, etc.
  • Using social networking and the web for marketing the products of the company
  • Analyzing current digital marketing plan and design and make changes according to market conditions and client needs
  • Documentation of the digital marketing strategy
  • Ensure effective client communication through web about digital strategy and improvement in products
  • Planning and conducting meetings with the customers

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master of Science in Integrated Marketing from New York University
  • Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from New York University


  1. Robert Black
    Managing Director
    Mango Technologies,
    New York, USA
  2. Creig Smith
    Director - Marketing
    Pineapple Technologies
    New York, USA

Every digital strategist has a slightly different role, so if you would be preparing your resume with the help of the above sample, your role as a digital strategist might be slightly different. We wish you luck for preparing your digital strategist resume.

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Digital Strategist Resume Samples

Digital Strategists make sure marketing goals are attained by developing and implementing multichannel marketing strategies. Their areas of expertise include web, mobile, email, social media, gaming and advertising. Qualifications like strong communication skills, creativity, marketing expertise, deadline orientation, customer service skills, and teamwork are common experience on Digital Strategists resumes. Based on our collection of example resumes, those seeking to work in this field should possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in marketing, advertising or business.

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Co-founder - Lead Digital Strategist Web Designer / Developer

Digital incubator, web development and design firm specializing in startup development in the Seattle and New York markets.

  • Created and managed region intranet site for 500 AT&T NW reps
  • Acted as a freelance web developer and consultant (AT&T Contractor) for select website clients that were in need of design and implementation services.
  • Built job portal for the manufacturing sector that went on to the top 3 in Google, partnered with CareerBuilder.com and is a key resource in its niche
  • Expert with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks
  • Specialized in packaging, branding, and preparing dot-com startups for market and connecting them with the resources and technology needed to differentiate

Digital Strategist

Lead in the development of the agency's comprehensive approach to digital marketing

  • Provided digital media marketing research and strategy for several agency initiatives which helped in retaining go to market programs from their most lucrative client, and onboarding of two new clients in business verticals aggressively sought after.
  • Lead in strategic development of WD's (Western Digital) online community engagement platform that aligns the brand with filmmakers and video content creators. This is supporting the brand's primary objective of bolstering their content marketing program, and increasing awareness among millennials / young content creators who as a result are directly interfacing with WD products.
  • Developed GTM strategies that leveraged influential content creators, and ultimately lead to a 35% increase in online buzz around the launch of WD's My Cloud
  • Lead in developing the strategy and direction for WD brand landing pages which increased time on site engagement by 45%, and conversions among small business looking for networking solutions by 25% QOQ
  • Provided strategic direction in the redesign of equity crowdfunding site earlyshares.com. Was the acting director in overseeing the discovery phase of the site's redesign. Redefined and enhanced the business' personas and site use cases. Lead in the development of their content strategy, which lead to a 60% increase in time on site, and 23 % increase in site conversions.

Digital Strategist & Analyst

Responsible for analysis, planning trafficking and optimizations for Google's B2B suite of products, YouTube and Google Plus

  • Delivered on media programs soup to nuts while subsequently revising reporting models coupled with in depth analysis of media efficiencies
  • Planned & managed the media promoting YouTube's coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election in both Q3 & Q4
  • Helped reduce the cost per activity for the Google Apps for Business Products by 60% from Q1 2012 through the middle of Q3
  • Provided weekly in depth analytical reporting to various Project Marketing Managers

Senior Digital Strategist

Provided clear communication to cross-functional team leads and management regarding project deliverables, resource requirements, and priorities.

  • Proactively identified bottlenecks and outstanding resource needs, assessed and prioritized them, and created plans to resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Define key business goals of a given project by conducting stakeholder interviews and communicate goals clearly to project teams.
  • Researched competitive landscape to determine how to create a differentiated product within the marketplace.
  • Conduct user interviews, user testing, and analyze existing product or applications analytics for given website or application to determine gaps in features and usability.
  • Develop digital marketing roadmaps to help define a series of initiatives which will help achieve the key business goals of the company

Digital Strategist

Managed the global websites for http://www.ibm.com/services and http://www.ibm.com/csuite for 70
countries in over 30 languages.

  • Redesigned and published web pages using the agile framework to incorporate SEO keyword
  • Designed and built for the IBM Global CEO Study a page that contained in excess of 50 assets and links (videos, white papers, brochures, insights and info-graphics) that engaged visitors across the entire page.
  • Planned and executed the program management tasks for the automated web content migration
  • Executed program management tasks for an Interwoven / IBM content management deployment and manual migration that rationalized over 100 customer facing marketing websites across 70

Account Director & Digital Strategist

Directed web strategy for Fortune 500 companies Dun and Bradstreet and Hoovers

  • Led redesign and replatforming of Dun and Bradstreet's corporate website leading to an increase in call volume of 109%, increased product page visits by 76%, and a 17% increase in e-commerce sales conversions within a year
  • Drove $1M additional revenue through new advertising innovations
  • Created acquisition, social media, retention, and nurture strategies integrated with marketing automation

Digital Strategist, (contractor)

Architected a custom content management system to deliver breaking news report to 5 South Bay
news territory

  • Work with Executive Management on growth of online conversion and user loyalty
  • Designed and managed implementation of a display-advertising server to contribute to online
  • Maintain offline marketing strategy through print mailing, publishing and outdoor advertising
  • Increased sales force by 60% by marketing recruitment academy
  • Developed online marketing strategy to increase awareness of available real estate inventory
  • Produced monthly magazines with 500,000 issues in local circulation
  • Mentored and managed team of 15 - Designers, Marketers and Copywriters

Digital Strategist

Based on understanding clients' needs and research, prepared compelling marketing strategies

  • Developed and analyzed competitive intelligence for clients in the digital marketing space, which helped identify potential opportunities for expansion based on categorical trends
  • Created comprehensive digital profiles for a client based on in-depth analyses of their digital ecosystem and Nielsen ConneXions data
  • Responsible for handling projects which consisted of data collection, data analysis, and representing insights for clients' markets to assist in market penetration
  • Developed back to school and college digital marketing strategies for department store chain involving social networking sites which were successfully executed by the company
  • Successfully completed projects for clients like Meijer, Lindblad Expeditions, American Egg Board, Cracker Barrel, CSL Behring, Goddard School, Delta Airlines, Anixter, etc.

Digital Strategist

Drove search engine optimization programs to increase organic rankings and quality traffic to web site

  • Provided expertise to clients to develop digital analytics solutions to meet identified needs
  • Monitored and analyzed rankings and traffic of web sites to ensure optimal placement
  • Presented key findings to clients and internal account teams
  • Analyzed data for insight generation to improve marketing performance and redesigning
  • Contributed to client's direction and strategy and influence decision-making based on information gained from deep-dive and ad hoc analysis

Digital Strategist & Communications Manager - Lead Web Producer II

Managed creative team including requirements gathering from key-stakeholders, defined project goals and objectives, wrote creative briefs, conducted risk analysis and identified major milestones, which improved project success and client satisfaction.

  • Developed annual marketing and communication strategies and tactical plans to improve ease of patient, provider and partner communications across print, email, social media, events and traditional media.
  • Devised and managed communications plans and ongoing campaigns to drive the uptake of programs, including constituent reach, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Lead web producer, social media and creative team lead.
  • Introduced and integrated award-winning and popular on-campus digital signage that increased use of internal and visitor communications.
  • Spearheaded new social media program and developed social media process, calendaring, marketing and policy programs.
  • Customer user-experience manager for main website creating wireframes, sitemaps, usability studies, use of Google analytics, and working with vendors or running to create web architecture.
  • Planned, managed, and executed a high volume of targeted email marketing, fundraising and awareness campaigns.


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