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Importance Of Self Discipline In Life Essay

Discipline can be explained as training which will develop ones moral character and helps to produce a particular type of behavior. Training which helps the individual to correct, improve the overall conditions, moral character with the change in behavioral pattern of the individual. 



Discipline is an essential part of our life. In fact with out discipline life we can not work smoothly. Parents, elders of the family and the teachers are the first persons to introduce the sense of discipline to the children. Discipline must be learn t from the early stages of life.  Discipline ensures the smooth flow of life with out putting hindrance to the individual's liberty. Discilpline teaches us to be systematic towards achieving our goal of life. It helps us to achive our ambitions.



Our social structure will fall apart with out the discipline in social life. A society with out the proper discipline encourages the unsocial activities such as violence and bad behavior. Self discipline is most important to achieve complete Discipline in life.And it also helps to develop better character of the person concerned.

It is rightly said” He that cannot obey, cannot command".



Nation can not progress with out the law abiding disciplined citizens. This helps to build up the nation with the proper co-operations and unity. In these case nation can be saved from neighbor's opportunistic attitudes. Strength of a nation lies in discipline.


 Chanakya rightly said, "United we stand, divided we fall."



Self-discipline is to motivate self in spite of a negative emotional state of mind. For self-discipline individual should have strong will power to control the mind. Self-discipline works automatically and leads to the success.



His Holiness the Dalai Lama, writes, “Self-discipline, although difficult, while combating negative emotions, should be a defensive measure. At least we will be able to prevent the advent of negative conduct dominated by negative emotion. Once we develop this, by familiarising ourselves with it, along with mindfulness and conscientiousness, eventually that pattern and way of life, will become a part of our own life.”



Our safe survivals depend on nature. Nature strictly follows the law of nature. Nature is very systematic with its law. The day starts with sunrise and sets accordingly to invite night with moon and stars above the sky. Nature is the best example of true discipline to all of us. The perfect nature's law/discipline which controls the earth, the sun, the moon and other planets. Disharmony among the set rules will be disastrous to all of us.



The ancient Hindus insisted on the essentiality of leading a life of restraint. Individual's energies misused without strict control of mind and body. In that case Discipline is necessary for one's moral life. We should remember, — "He alone can command who knows how to obey".



Without discipline there is no way we can control our mind or our senses. The Katha Upanishads explains as:-

“Know the self (atman) as the lord of the chariot, and the body as the chariot. Know the intellect as the charioteer, and the mind as the reins. The senses are the horses … He who has no understanding, whose mind is always unrestrained; his senses are out of control, as wicked horses are for a charioteer. He, however, who has understanding, whose mind is always restrained, his senses are under control, as good horses are for a charioteer.” (Katha Up. 1, 3, 3-6)



In our spiritual life discipline is most essential. The spiritual activity needs systemic actions with strict discipline in life. To lead a spiritual life, a constant alertness over the mind is needed.



Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on spiritual discipline, says, “Certain practices insulate you, yet retain your sensitivity at the same time. This needs training and education. We all have ten fingers and though everyone has the ability, only a few can play the guitar.

Only those few who have learned how to play the guitar or the flute or the trombone can play it.”



A yoga instructor says, “When I work with clients, I emphasise discipline. That is the most important quality in the spiritual, sattvic life.”


"He explains that in each area of our lives, spirituality plays an important role. It influences our outlook and reactions. A non-spiritual person might not engage in seva, or compassion, whereas a spiritual aspirant will consciously strive to express such qualities in his relationships and attitude. This ability is born out of regular discipline, both mental, and physical."




"Discipline works every where. It controls our morals and even our religion. There is no sphere in heaven and earth where discipline does not dominate".



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Self Discipline Benefits and Importance

By Remez Sasson

Self-discipline is one of the most important and useful skills everyone should possess. This skill is essential in every area of life, and though most people acknowledge its importance, very few do something to strengthen it.

Contrary to common belief, self-discipline does not mean being harsh toward yourself, or living a limited, restrictive lifestyle. Self discipline means self control, which is a sign of inner strength and control of yourself, your actions, and your reactions.

Self discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without changing your mind, and is therefore, one of the important requirements for achieving goals.

The possession of this skill enables you to persevere with your decisions and plans until you accomplish them. It also manifests as inner strength, helping you to overcome addictions, procrastination and laziness, and to follow through with whatever you do.

Strengthen Your Willpower & Self Discipline

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One of its main characteristics is the ability to reject instant gratification and pleasure, in favor of some greater gain, which requires spending effort and time to get it.

Self discipline is one of the important ingredients of success. It expresses itself in a variety of ways:

  • Perseverance.
  • The ability not to give up, despite failure and setbacks.
  • self control.
  • The ability to resist distractions or temptations.
  • Trying over and again, until you accomplish what you set out to do.

Life puts challenges and problems on the path to success and achievement, and in order to rise above them, you have to act with perseverance and persistence, and this of course, requires self-discipline.

The possession of this skill leads to self-confidence and self esteem, and consequently, to happiness and satisfaction.

On the other hand, lack of self discipline leads to failure, loss, health and relationships' problems, obesity, and to other problems.

This skill is also useful for overcoming eating disorders, addictions, smoking, drinking and negative habits. You also need it to make yourself sit and study, exercise your body, develop new skills, and for self improvement, spiritual growth and meditation.

As said earlier, most people acknowledge the importance and benefits of self discipline, but very few take real steps to develop and strengthen it. However, you can strengthen this ability like any other skill. This is done through training and exercises, which can find at this website.

Self Discipline Benefits and Importance

Self-discipline helps you:

  • Avoid acting rashly and on impulse.
  • Fulfill promises you make to yourself and to others.
  • Overcome laziness and procrastination.
  • Continue working on a project, even after the initial rush of enthusiasm has faded away.
  • Go to the gym, walk or swim, even if your mind tells you to stay at home and watch TV.
  • Continue working on your diet, and resisting the temptation of eating fattening foods.
  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Overcome the habit of watching too much TV.
  • Start reading a book, and read it to the last page.
  • Meditate regularly.

It will be easier for you to strengthen your self discipline, if you:

  1. Understand its importance in your life.
  2. Become aware of your undisciplined behavior and its consequences. When this awareness increases, you will be more convinced of the need to make a change in your life.
  3. Make the effort to act and behave according to the decisions you make, regardless of laziness, the tendency to procrastinate, or the desire to give up and stop what you are doing.
  4. You can strengthen your self disciple, even if it is currently weak, with the help of special simple exercises, which you can practice at any time or place.

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