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Year 3 Maths Homework Games Online

Third grade builds on the foundations laid down in earlier grades for analyzing shapes and working with whole numbers and fractions. As students learn new tools and calculation methods, it’s important for them to practice these skills regularly. Math Games offers high-quality learning and review opportunities in a format that all students love – games!

Pupils can use our free digital textbook, downloadable worksheets, apps, and large variety of customizable online games to review and improve their aptitude in skills such as:

  • Multiplication and division
  • Working out areas and perimeters of squares and rectangles
  • Identifying, comparing and reducing fractions
  • Estimating and rounding numbers
  • Using tables to create bar graphs

And other topics too! Make working on math something students love. Using Math Games, they can review everything the Common Core Math Standards expect them to know in 3rd grade, at the same time as they have adventures in our appealing game worlds. Select a skill above to start playing!

Year 3 Games

Game ScreenGame NameGame descriptionRatingNuReY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
christmas light up! make the christmas tree glow!      
catch for christmas! make the christmas tree glow!      
Monkey Banana leading the monkey to the banana            
threeLittlePigs_v4 Make a house for the 3 little pigs          
Game ScreenGame NameGame descriptionRatingNuReY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
Earthquakes!! Watch out for tremmors!      
match the flag World flag game  
Barnaby Bear Weather Weather around the World With Barnaby Bear            
Dragon's Den          
Game ScreenGame NameGame descriptionRatingNuReY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
Find Egypt Explore Egypt              
Easy Giza! Explore the pryamids!              
Egypt timeline Timeline through Egypt's past              
Egyptian Gods How many Gods did Egyptians believe in?              
Count in Egyptian Egyptian Number System              
How Egyptians Wrote How Egyptians used to write things down              
How to make a Mummy Self Preservation, dont try this at home kids!              
Egyptian Jigsaw Solve the Ancient Puzzle              
Find The Pharoe Wordsearch from the past!              
Ancient Egypt Adventure artifacts from egypt game with museums and mummies!              

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