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Endnote Latex Bibliography Unpublished

1) First, you need convert your Endnote database to BibTeX format (not to LaTeX). I have not experience with this, but with the program should be > > Select > and save the new database with the extension. Said you named it as (the default format is BibTeX). Probably, before of saving, you may want set the to (in >).

If you open the file with a text editor, it should be some like:

2) Now, you need make a LaTeX document (said ) with some text, citing these references with , set the Vancouver style (with ) and calling the database ( without extension). Example:

3) Finally, you must compile this document at least with this sequence to solve all cross references:

The result should be this :

In complex documents you may need more runs of or more auxiliar programs. Many LaTeX editors can help in this task, making this step --- more o less --- automatically.

You can search directly from EndNote in the library catalogue using a connection file.

The connection file for the RERO Union Catalog is included in EndNote.

Select RERO (Menu Tools -> Online Search) to search directly in the RERO catalogue, using the EndNote search window. You can also click on the online search icon ( or ). Then save the reference(s) you wish to keep into your library, by selecting them and choosing "Copy References To" in the References menu, or by making a right-click of the mouse and choosing "Copy References To" or "Add References To".

The default reference type of the RERO connection file is "Book", so if you download the reference of a document which is not a "book", but for instance an "edited book", you will have to change the reference type manually.

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