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Racism Definition Essay Thesis

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A definition essay is a piece of writing which should be personal-yet-academic. This whole essay revolves around a term. This term should be of such nature that it must represent different meaning to different people. If you are writing on ‘racism’, then you must take it up as a challenge as the word represents different perspective to diverse readers.

Though Definition Essay has its own set of rules, but if you are writing it on a disputable topic like ‘racism’, the following tips can help you out in the journey-

  • Consulting The Dictionary Meaning
  • It will pay a lot if you consult a standard dictionary to know the real meaning of racism. If you ask people what racism means to them, the majority will answer that it is discrimination on the basis of skin-color. This popular notion may cloud your judgment while writing. So it’s better to go through a dictionary meaning of the term.

  • Research About The Origin
  • Racism is such an over-whelming term that it demands that you do a thorough investigative work behind its creation. There are many prominent evolving theories about racism by scholars that you must take into account- at least briefly. Apart from that, you can also bring the reference of how racism was prevalent in antiquity and in mythology also.

  • Use Illustrations And Examples
  • A definition piece of writing can tend to be really boring and monotonous, if you keep harping on the theoretical aspect all the time. You should use lots of vivid illustrations, imageries and anecdotes in your article about racism. Have you encountered any act of racism recently in your trip? How racism can change a work-force dynamic? How racism impacted the tourism of a country recently?

  • Counteract The Popular Meaning
  • There are many poplar beliefs surrounding racism that has made it quite a forceful term over the years. Some of them are true but rest of them is not. Like when the term ‘racism’ is spoken about,

    most view it as an oppression administered by citizens of first world country to that of third world. But the reverse is also equally true. You must show it in your article.

  • Check Out The Structure
  • Introduction, thesis statement, main body and summary- like any other articles, definition writing follows the same structure. Before writing it on your own, you should consult any guide-book to know the accurate format. You can also add some personal remarks in the concluding part.

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